Unlock a world of harmony and relaxation. In our Wellness you feel comfortable, recharge your batteries for the next day.


Relax in our outdoor hot tub. You love a hot bath and massage at the same time? You need to relieve pain and regain lost energy? Then do not wait and hurry in our hot tub.

Dry sauna

Enter hot air, laced scent of wood and scented sauna essence. The combination of hot air with a minimum humidity and a temperature of 90 ° C to a depth warms your entire body. From there through the skin leached wastes.

Steam bath with aromatherapy

Steam bath is very similar to the sauna. The climate is in it but others - much wetter and less hot. The body is heated slowly than relaxing in the sauna and the humidity reaches 90%.

Cooling pool

Called. frigidarium used to cool the body after sauna visit. Quenching evokes pleasant feelings, improves circulation and eliminates fatigue.


Within the spa you can unwind in the relaxation rooms. You can choose pleasant environment Outdoor patios or indoor rooms with warm flames of fire.


Pamper yourself and treat your body to one of our massages. Calms the mind anti-stress massage, sports massage regenerate body and delight your senses during an aromatherapy massage.


Provozní doba Wellness Masáže
Mo–Thr 15:00 – 22:00 15:00 – 22:00
Fri–Sun 13:00 – 22:00 based on individual order

In whole site of
the Hotel

Wellness activites

Sport activities
Courts, Adrenalin park,
Beach volleyball

Extra parking

Beautiful natural

Children playground
Lots of activities
not only for children

Dárkový poukaz

Nabízíme dárkové poukazy na veškeré námi nabízené služby a to v jakékoli hodnotě. Pro více informací napište na recepce@bozenov.cz nebo volejte 583 411 299. Rádi vám vyjdeme vstříc a připravíme dárkový poukaz podle vašich představ.

Pobytové balíčky

Vážíme si našich klientů, připravujeme pro ně sezónní, zvýhodněné balíčky na romantické wellness pobyty, pobyty s dětmi i pro seniory. Aktuální nabídku balíčků naleznete zde.

Reconstruction of the boarding house to hotel and build supporting infrastructure in a recreation center Bozeňov
reg. no. of project: CZ.1.12/3.3.00/41.02006

This project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund, respectively. Regional Operational Programme Central Moravia. PARTNER FOR YOUR DEVELOPMENT

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